Mascara on Trial


I always try to have a few mascaras in rotation in my makeup collection, here's what I am currently using.

Loreal Miss Manga ~ Loreal and I have a really good relationship when it comes to their mascara. The Voluminous and Telescopic lines never disappoint me. This mascara however, did. My lashes have a pretty decent length so when looking for mascaras I want something that will give volume and thickness without the clumping, Miss Manga kicks butt in the volume department, but your lashes pay a price. I found the formula to be very tacky, causing my lashes to clump together at the root and middle of the lash. I also found the formula to be heavy on my lashes, they always managed to look shorter when worn, I blame this on the brush. The bristles are flexible (so is the actual wand) which prevents the wand from combing through the lashes. So what you get is a unevenly dispersed coat of mascara. I'll be using up the rest of this tube but wont be repurchasing.

Bobbi Brown Extreme Party Mascara ~ I am really enjoying this mascara. It is perfect for my everyday needs. Nice, thick volume, especially at the base of the lashes (which I love). The color is a really nice deep black that just adds to the sultry-ness. The mascara wand is very easy to use. Combs through the lashes coating each individual lash effortlessly. I don't experience any clumping with this mascara and after two coats I have a nice fluttery set of thick lashes.

Giorgia Armani Eyes to Kill Mascara ~ I didn't want to like this mascara, its expensive and for something you have to toss after three months, it doesn't seem worth it...BUT. IT. IS. It gives you everything, volume, length and drama. The formula is easy to work with, allowing you to apply multiple coats. The brush helps to lengthen and coat while also separating the lashes, and I have never experienced smudging, even on my bottom lashes. My go to mascara for nights out and smokey eyes.

What mascara are you currently using? Let me know in the comments.


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