Naked 2 Revisited


Still in my "shopping the stash" phase, I decided to start getting some use out of my Naked 2 palettes. 

Out of the three Naked Palettes, Naked 2 seems to get the least amount of love from me. The cooler toned shadows are usually not the colors I gravitate to, but this palette does a really good job with the color selection. There are some nice day time shades for an easy look but I personally love the smokier colors. The shadows are of course easy to blend and the shimmers are perfection. Forcing myself to get some use out of this palette has turned into me truly enjoying it. I have created some amazing looks and I am excited to see what more I can do. My favorite shades? Snakebite, Tease, and Busted, sometimes I will even pair these colors with a warmer toned brown in the crease. The cooler lid color and warm crease combo, can be really pretty. 

Do you own any of the Urban Decay Naked Palettes? If so which palette is your favorite?



  1. My faves are the naked 1 and naked 2, i love them both!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. nice palettes.