The Brow Pens


I'm currently going through a brow pen phase and here are the two I currently have on rotation.
~Anastasia Brow Pen in Universal Dark~ The one that started this love affair with brow pens, it does a great job of giving the brow a clean but natural  look. The color is a neutral dark brown which blends in nicely with my dark eyebrows. The formula can be a little watery and light, which I don't mind because it allows you to really build up the brow hairs without becoming too intense. I prefer to use these brow pens to outline the brow and to help fill in the tail, pairing it with a brow powder, gives me the brows that  I want. 

~Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Brow Color in Dark ~  The felt tip applicator is smaller and sharper than the Anastasia option which allows you to really mimick hair throughout the brow. My main issue with this is the formula and the color. The formula is a little "inky" for me, thats the best way I can describe it, a lot of product seems to leave the tip of the pen at once so you have to be really light handed to not over apply. Also, the dark color is REALLY warm, I prefer cool toned or ashy colors when it comes to my brows, because its dark and warm it can read really intense on the brows, especially for a day look. Overall I don't hate it, and tend to reach for it on nights out, but the Anastasia Brow pen is still my top pick.

Have you ever tried a brow pen? Any favorites?


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