The Review ~ Tony Moly Lip Balm


A lip balm in a metallic lip shaped case? Uh yes please, but does it live up to my Dior Creme de Rose?

When I saw this little cute jar of goodness in the line at Sephora (that whole area is a trap) I quickly threw it in my basket. With my Dior Creme de Rose slowly coming to an end I was in need of a new lip balm and of course the packaging was just adorable. I was pleasantly surprised to find out this is amazing, better than Dior Creme de Rose in my opinion. The Vitamin E and honey extract infused lip balm leaves your lips feeling nourished and soft. It has a thick consistency that penetrates even the driest areas. In comparison to the Creme de Rose, they are similar, but the Dior version tends to have more slip, the formula doesn't seem to adhere to the lips as well, and its not as nourishing. The Tony Moly Lip Balm is significantly cheaper  and I will definitely be snatching up a few more before the winter is over.

What's your favorite Lip Balm?


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