An Intro to Tatcha


I've been discovering some amazing skin care brands in the last few months. We all know my recent obsession with everything Dr. Jart, and now a new brand has started showing up in my skin care routine.

 One Step Camelia Cleansing Oil ~ The one that started it all. Earlier in the year I was in dire need of a cleansing oil which I usually use as a first step to remove my makeup. I fell upon this product in Sephora and decided to give it a try. I fell completely in love. The consistency is perfect, not too thick but not too watery, it removes makeup quick and effectively, while also nourishing my skin. I often times will use this as a direct cleanser when I haven't worn makeup and it does a wonderful job of leaving my skin hydrated.

Exfoliating Rice Enzyme Powder in Classic ~ After falling head over heels for Tatcha's oil cleanser, I definitely wanted to try one of their best selling products next. This water activated exfoliating cleanser can be a little harsh on my sensitive/ dry skin, so instead of water I mix it with the cleansing oil and it is beautiful. It buffs away any dry skin, leaving you with a radiant even complexion. Tatcha recently released a soothing rice enzyme powder for sensitive skin that I think will be a better fit for my skin type.

Luminous Dewy Skin Mist ~ I always have  hydrating toners in my skin care routine, they are amazing at lightly moisturizing your skin while prepping for your serums and moisturizers. The mist has a milky consistency packed full of moisturizers and humectants that help to hydrate and nourish parched skin. The smell is amazing and for a few moments you are transported to a spa, and lets not forget the packaging. Ugh...definitely a repurchase.

Indigo Soothing Silk Hand Cream ~ If you are in the market for a luxury hand cream, look no further. This product is beautiful. It leaves your hands hydrated without the residue. I'm not sure if I have extra large hands or what but I tend to use quite a bit of product to make sure it spreads evenly over my hands, definitely a downfall since it is expensive, but overall I have truly enjoyed this product, and once again it smells heavenly and light.

Have you tried anything from Tatcha? 


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