The Current Skincare Routine: Cleansers


In the last few months I have been discovering (collecting) some amazing products that have done wonders for my skin, and of course I have to share the details with you guys. Over the course of the next few days I will be breaking down my skincare routine, but first... let's talk cleansers.

First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser w/ Red Clay ~ As someone with extremely sensitive skin that also tends to lean on the dehydrated side, I personally like to stay away from gel cleansers. They can be very stripping on the skin and leave my face even more parched. BUT THIS. The description says this cleanser is a foaming gel, I have to strongly disagree, I don't find that it foams at all which is a plus. I massage this product into dry skin with just wet fingertips and it melts beautifully into the skin. The red clay helps to detoxify while the glycerin moisturizes leaving you with a deeply cleansed face, that is also hydrated and properly prepped for your next step. Because this gives the face an amazing deep cleanse, I solely use this product at night and as a second cleanse. 

REN Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk ~ I personally think everyone needs a milk/ cream cleanser on hand. They do an amazing job at making sure the skin is balanced and calm. I particularly love this one because it focuses on all the things us sensitive girls need. It helps to minimize signs of chronic irritation and sensitivity, while still purifying, calming, and soothing the skin. It's very moisturizing but you never feel like there is product left on the skin. I tend to use this as my morning cleanser, and on days when I haven't worn makeup. This is a great second cleanse at night as well. 

TATCHA Pure Step Camellia Cleansing Oil ~ I'm going to briefly touch on this, if you want more details a full review is located here, but this stuff is amazing. One of the best, if not the best, cleansing oil I have ever tried. Not only is it a pleasure to use, it does wonders for my skin. After every use my skin is left soft, hydrated, and calm, not to mention it breaks down makeup quickly. I use this to remove makeup every night and depending on  how my skin is feeling I use this as a second cleanse or a morning cleanse. 

TATCHA Polished Rice Enzyme Powder ~ Detailed thoughts on this water activated exfoliator can be found here. I tend to use this when dry or flaky patches pop up, If you have very sensitive skin TATCHA recently released a product that seems to be a better fit, will keep you updated when I get my hands on it. 

Next up...Toners. What cleansers are currently in your skincare stash?



  1. I keep hearing good things about First Aid Beauty. This sounds like a lovely cleanser! I always worry about cleansers being too drying, but I might have to try this out.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    1. Yea test it out, grab a sample at Sephora, some of the first aid beauty products don't work for me but this beauty is love.