The Current Skincare Routine : Toners


Second installment of my skincare routine posts...lets get into toners. 
Throughout this series of post you are going to see a recurring theme, "Hydrate, Soothe, Repeat", and that theme is what I build my skincare regimen around, because honestly, that's just what yields results for my skin type. The more hydration, the less likely I see red, inflamed, angry skin, and I personally like to "sandwich" my hydration, so light/ thin but effective layers of hydrating products over top of one another to create a barrier of moisture that my face can just drink up throughout the day. 

Murad Hydrating Toner ~ As soon as I am done cleansing my face I go in with a hydrating toner and it instantly gives a shot of moisture and prepares my skin for the next step. This toner always leaves my skin extremely nourished and hydrated. The Peach and Cucumber Fruit extracts help to soothe irritation, while the Lecithin and Grape Seed Extract help to retain moisture. 

TATCHA Luminous Dewy Skin Mist ~ I did a mini review on this product here, but I tend to swap between this one and the Murad option. I find this to be a little less hydrating, but in a good way. The Murad can be quite wet on the skin and my face immediately feels more hydrated, but depending on the day my skin may not need that much hydration, that's where the Tatcha comes in. It's a little lighter on the skin, while still giving my face the nourishment and moisture it needs. 

Where's your acid toner? I no longer acid tone daily/ twice a day, it was reeking havoc on my skin! I only acid tone twice a week, usually Wednesday and Sunday nights. I'm sure most of you already guessed the product I use...Peter Thomas Roth Unwrinkle Peel Pads. Holy Grail Acid toner/ Chemical Exfoliator , these are amazing for those of us who have sensitive skin. Roth did a great job of adding all the exfoliating chemicals but also including soothing ingredients like rose water, chamomile, and green tea. Which results in a serious exfoliating product that also soothes and nourishes the skin. 

Next up...Treatments. What toners do you currently have in rotation?


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