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 My "Loving Lately" posts are probably my favorite posts to write on this little space of mine. I get to talk about my recent obsessions, prepare yourself, your about to read a mini essay on my love for Once Upon A Time. 

Once Upon A Time ~ Unlike Reign and The 100 this show wasn't an immediate love for me. I recently decided to give it a try again and with the last 3 seasons on Netflix and an open mind I started watching the first season. Almost on every episode I was like "Wait ,what? Why is this sooo good?". The story line and writing are phenomenal, the characters are great there's no way I can pick a favorite, and they create twist and turns on stories and fairy tales you think you know, therefore you can never really predict what's about to happen. Currently waiting for the season to return, I'm so excited about this new chapter that's about to unfold. 

The Beauty Blender ~ I have had this sponge laying around in my collection for months. I purchased it thinking I would love it for foundation, meh, not so much. Recently I decided to give it a try with helping to blend in my concealer....ummmmm....completely changed the game. It blends concealer in beautifully, no longer causing clear demarcation lines between concealer and foundation (never cute).

ICalendar ~ Am I late? I'm late aren't I? ICal is great. In in effort to become more organized, I went digital. I still have my Sugar Paper Planner that I love, but incorporating my ICal into my planning helps with reminders and more importantly meal planning. 

Bauble Bar Minimal Metal Choker ~ The whole choker thing was a little weird to me, and every time I would try one on it looked...well lets just say I wasn't feelin' it. I discovered these chokers on Bauble Bar and they are perfect, simple thin metal rings that seemed to hit lower on the neck, yes please. 

What have you been loving lately? 


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