If You Have Dry Skin...Try This


I used to use this pot of goodness a few years ago and now I am wondering why I ever stopped. With a few recent flare ups and my skin not being as kind to me as I would like, I decided to go back to this  old faithful. I remember it being good but I don't remember it being this good...this seriously surprised me. 

A rich cream that manages to go onto the skin and absorb quickly as if it is a gel. I personally like to use this in the morning and due to the lack of SPF it doubles as my night time moisturizer as well. A side from it being a pleasure to apply it instantly quenches my parched skin without causing in sensitivity or clogged pores. What I find so awesome about this product is that it lasts on the skin the entire day or night...I mean...like...I'm not playing it really keeps my skin hydrated for hours!

This used to be an issue with other moisturizers I would use. My skin would be hydrated for a few hours after application but by late lunch or dinner I would feel like my entire face was thirsty. So of course I had to do some research to see what made the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream so different. One of the ingredients is Squalene, one of Kiehl's signature ingredients. Squalene helps restore skin's natural moisture balance to keep it extra soft and supple. There are a few other amazing ingredients that help to make this cream awesome. Shout out to Candace who recommended a Kiehl's product ( I picked up a sample) which forced me to go into the store and be rekindled with this gem, thanks doll!

Do you have any favorite Kiehl's products?


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