The Perfect Hair Day


I don't talk much about hair care on my blog because I tend to stick to the same products and my regimen is very simple. It's rare that I find a new product that works for my curly mane but when I do, I have to share! I have naturally curly, coarse hair that I wear straight. I  have a very simple routine of shampoo and conditioner, right now my fave is the  Trader Joes Tea Tree line. After washing  I just blow dry my hair straight and flat iron, with no other added products, except a heat protectant. I recently started adding the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day styling treatment and I have seen a phenomenal difference!
I usually don't like 1st day hair, I find it a little too fluffy and it doesn't hold a curl well. The Living Proof PHD really improves the way my hair looks on  the first day and days after. It leaves my hair shiny and smooth but most importantly it helps with fly-aways and static control. My hair also seems to hold the style for much longer. I tried using the whole PHD System which included the Shampoo and Conditioner, not a fan. Both products left my hair stiff and dry. The styling treatment is the true stand out for me and it has become a staple in my hair care routine. I simply take a nickel sized amount (my hair is very thick, you may need a little less) through each section of my hair before I blow dry. Once my hair is blown out and straightened I'm left with manageable volume and shine.

Have you tired anything from the Living Proof line?


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