I Stopped Wearing Makeup


       About half way through summer I completely stopped wearing makeup, and we are talking not even mascara and filled in brows ladies and gentleman, completely bare faced. It happened on accident. There were days where I just couldn't be bothered with the fluff and those days turned into weeks. I want to say it was the 90 degree weather with 97% humidity, but to be honest it was bigger than that, I had lost the inspiration and excitement I felt when taking the time in the morning to get ready. Does anyone else just get in a funk sometimes? The things you usually love become mundane and more of a chore than enjoyable. Sometimes you just need to step away and in stepping away it allows you to view the picture differently.
        Now that I am back in the flow of things I realize how much I truly missed the beauty world and community. I missed the creative freedom I have when doing my makeup. Although I don't necessarily need makeup, I thoroughly enjoy it. It's fun and exciting finding new amazing products to then recommend to you guys. It hopefully helps you take the guess work out of products, because I'm absolutely willing to test out and report back. I also realized that I need to not only downsize but use my stash. A lot of times I get in a makeup rut and instead of rotating through products, I continually use the same ones missing out on buried gems. The break was much needed but I'm now rejuvenated and inspired, especially now that Fall is rolling in. Bring on the berry lipstick and give me all the liquid liner! Let me know if you have any requests on what you would like to see on this little area of the internet. In the mean time I will be drowning my face in Dior's  Nude Air Foundation, ugh LOVE!



  1. I agree and I think it's great that you embraced bare-faced summer!! I don't necessarily need make up but I enjoy it too :)

    Alice // the-rose-glow.blogspot.co.uk