Life Update and Chit Chat


I’m currently writing this post, amazed at how the weather has just taken a dramatic turn. It was dark and raining not even an hour ago and now the sun is beaming into my room whispering promises of a great day ahead. The weather, especially in DC can be so moody and unpredictable, so similar to our lives. The downs in life, especially when they are extended, can look like the darkest rain cloud, just hovering, with not an ounce of sunlight in sight. Then suddenly the clouds finally break and the sun shines like it never left. 
As I am sure you can tell this post is going to be a little bit different then my average beauty chatter. My blog site has been down for a few weeks now. I just got it back up yesterday, but in all honesty I wasn’t in a rush. I’m still not positive on the direction I want this site to go, but I definitely think I want it to be more personal and interactive with you guys. I LOVE skincare and makeup, but I also love the arts, food, and talking about life. I want this small little corner of the internet to be a place where I can bring up lessons I’ve learned and hard truths I had to face as well as my favorite cleanser or lipstick of the moment. So look forward to more content soon!
In other news, this summer has been an interesting one. I started my summer with so many exciting goals and fun ideas some fulfilled and others postponed. Between infections (yuh plural), wisdom teeth being pulled, and just plan being an adult I am excited for August and the upcoming fall season. There were of course a few highlights this summer. Teaching vacation bible school at my church, planning and decorating my friends baby shower, and nurturing new friendships! As I continue to navigate through my 20’s I’m excited to bring you guys along. 



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