Liquid Foundation and My Sensitive Skin


        Finding a really good foundation that ticks all the boxes has been a real struggle for me ever since I  dove into makeup  years ago. The main concern I have with foundation is whether it will break me out or not. My skin is so sensitive, especially when it comes to liquid foundation its almost a guarantee that at some point the foundation will do more harm than good. It can be hard to pinpoint what ingredients in the foundation that is actually the culprit, is it the chemical sunscreen, preservatives, essential oils or a mixture of everything? For many years I would stick to my tinted moisturizers, the only bases that I could try without worrying about irritation, but recently I have found a few tips and tricks that work for me when it comes to foundation and wearing it.
       Silicone is not my friend. It just doesn't work for my skin, whether it be in primers or one of the main ingredients in foundation, it immediately sends my skin into a weird stage. So I have stopped using primers and opted for applying my foundation directly onto my moisturized skin and it has changed the game. My foundation seems to apply better and look more like skin and I tend to stay  hydrated longer. The more properly hydrated my skin is the less irritation appears.
        Application is key. I used to apply my foundation with dense, buffing brushes, because...well doesn't everybody. I have recently been using my damp Beauty Blender, which is life changing. I think the added moisture in the sponge just helps to apply the foundation flawlessly without irritating my skin. I also found that my fingertips and long haired brushes like the Sephora Pro Airbrush 55 and Pro Domed Stippling Brush 41 are great as well, they seem to be gentler than my buffing brushes which can cause more friction against my skin, especially my chin and mouth area which is super sensitive.
       Wearing foundation less and not wearing it as long has also been helpful. I go more days foundation less and it allows my skin to breath. The days I do wear foundation, I make sure to not wear it longer than I need to. Also the type of foundation I choose can play a big role. I tend to get along with sheer to medium, lightweight moisturizing foundations. Once we start talking matte and full coverage my skin is like...nope. I hope a few of these tips help those of you who love foundation but are prone to sensitivities. There are also so many great tinted moisturizers out there now that give great coverage. If you find you are loosing the battle with liquid foundation but seem to be find with TM's, try some out. My absolute favorite tinted moisturizer is Laura Mercier Oil-Free TM in Walnut, never has broken me out and gives great beautiful coverage.


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