Saying Goodbye To Summer


      This summer was a bit of an interesting one. From coming down with an infection to getting my wisdom teeth pulled a lot of my adventures and plans were put on hold. The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of baby shower planning for a friend , getting back into the groove of work, and a beautiful wedding weekend ending the summer on a high note. Today is labor day and as the last cook-outs of the year begin to take place and the pools start closing their doors until next year, I am thankful for the highs and lows this summer has brought. I've grown and continued to realize the importance of family and friendships. I have always considered myself a lover of summer, but as I am getting older I am looking forward to Fall. There's a calming beauty when the leaves begin to change and a lovely coziness that can't quite be explained. I am excited for hot chocolate , blanket scarves, and the ever growing anticipation of the holidays. But for now, goodbye summer, see you soon.


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