Diving into Caudalie Skincare Pt. I


    I have dipped and dabbled in Caudalie off and on through out the years and have always been impressed but never quite committed to the range until recently. My skin has been having....an attitude....that's the best way to put it because quite frankly it just won't cooperate. I have a few blemishes here and there but my skin is mainly red and irritated at the moment. When I think of calm, soothing, hydrating skincare I immediately think Caudalie, so off to Sephora I went to pick up a few new items and a repurchase. I have had these products a little over a week so this will just be a few notes on my initial thoughts. I will report back soon if everything works out and my face doesn't fall off. Also, I normally wouldn't completely revamp my skincare...I'm more of a introduce a new product into the routine....make sure your face isn't screaming at you the next day...then proceed. But this time around I decided to dive in head first. I am solely using these products and then incorporating my favorite acid toners and of course Sunday Riley Luna and Good Genes....because 1.They are too expensive for me not to use...lets just be honest and 2. They are amazing!

~ Caudalie Gentle Cleansing Milk ~ I believe this was just recently repackaged so don't be alarmed if it looks a little different ( I believe the older one was in a green bottle). This cleanser is beautiful and a treat to use. It has a very milky, creamy consistency that is extremely light on the skin. It's thin enough that you are able to massage this into the face without having to work too hard or tug on the skin. Every time I use this I am so happy with how it just melts into the skin  and once rinsed away, leaves the skin hydrated and plump but still properly cleansed. I have not tried it to remove makeup yet, only applied onto dry skin and removed with water and a wash cloth. If you have sensitive/dry/normal skin I would highly recommend this. Here's my dilemma, I currently have a few blemishes, and I am really missing a cleanser that will help combat those issues, for example my Sunday Riley Ceramic Slip. I may use my Caudalie as a morning cleanse and/or first cleanse at night and follow up with my SR Ceramic Slip in the evening. Will let you know how that goes!

~ Caudalie Moisturizing Toner ~ I really didn't need another moisturizing toner, but to my defense....its not in a spray bottle...so that's how I talked myself into purchasing this and I am so glad I did. This product reminds me of an essence and that's exactly how I use it. I for go the cotton wool and pump a little into my hand and press into the skin, similar to what I would do with a serum. I love the way my skin reacts to this product, its instantly hydrated, plumped, and my irritation seems to be reduced. It's the perfect step for after I use an acid toner in the evenings, and works beautifully in the mornings after cleansing.

~ Caudalie Grape Water ~ When I read "Grape Water provides an immediate benefit of +127 percent hydration and -61 percent skin sensitivity upon use. Perfect for sensitive skin, this water soothes rosacea and reduces redness", uh yes please! Since purchasing, it is very similar to my other hydrating spray toners but you can never have enough right? I will say I find this one to be a little more soothing than the others.

Ok wow, I did not think I would talk this much! So, I'm going to put up a Part II...thoughts on the serums and masks will be up on Wednesday.

Do you have any favorite Caudalie products? Let me know in the comments!


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