November Goals


  When November 1st arrives, I immediately get into the holiday spirit, bring on the mac and cheese and pass me all the candy yams! Each new month brings on a fresh new start, a time to reflect on what worked and what didn't work in the previous month and a time to set new goals and new intentions. There are a few things I want to check off my bucket list this month: trying a few new to me coffee shops, eating at one new restaurant, and hosting a Friendsgiving...because seriously how amazing does that sound!
  For my personal goals, I am challenging myself to use my planner everyday. I find when I properly plan the night before and use my planner to keep me on track the day of, I am so much more productive and organized. The Day Designer is formulated perfectly for me and my brain and I really want to be consistent with it to really see whether this can help me change the way I look at my days, especially my busy ones, and be more efficient when tackling my to do's. A more detailed post on this planner is coming your way soon!
  Recently, I have been getting up at 5am everyday, I know to most people that sounds like death and quite frankly it hasn't been easy, but it has seriously changed my day. It leaves me with plenty of time to incorporate a yoga routine and  I am currently doing the 30 Day Yoga Challenge with Adriene on Youtube for this month. I am able to take my time getting ready, set intentions for my day, actually eat breakfast, and sometimes I even have time to read! It leaves me in a much better state to take on the day and I hope I can stay consistent with this through the rest of the month, because I have literally been feeling amazing. Also, I am trying (heavy emphasis on trying) to incorporate a better evening routine, especially one that gets me in the bed at a decent time. I want to make sure that I plan properly for the next day, write in my journal, and have my devotional before I call it lights out.
  Speaking of journaling, this month I am starting two journals, a daily one and a skincare journal. The skincare journal is so important to me, especially recently because I have been having a few bad reactions and I'm not sure why. The skincare journal will allow me to record the products I use and keep track of what is going into my routine and what is actually making a difference.
  Lastly I want to share my beauty wish list pick of the month and of course it's a skincare product. I really want to grab the Kate Somerville Goats Milk Moisturizer. I have tried it before and I remember loving it, but it was years ago. I'm excited to pick it up again and hopefully do a review.

What are your plans and goals for this month? 


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