The Day Designer - Finding Peace in the Mayhem


         There are weeks that are calm and I feel like the most productive individual there is, "Bring it on world, I got this!". Then there are weeks where I can't find my phone for 30 minutes because its in my back pocket while packing my bag, printing paper work, brushing my teeth and wiggling in to my shoes to head out the door. Those weeks are the worst and completely unproductive because my mind is a jumbled mess of To Do's instead of me actually doing! I recently had far too many chaotic weeks in a row and decided to buckle down and create a better system. I bought a new planner changed a few routines and decided to be intentional about taking on my days. I'm in week two of this new system and let me tell you I have never felt this great in regards to my overall mental clarity and productiveness. There are a few reasons why that I will touch on in later posts, but for now, lets talk planning.
        I have had and used a planner since elementary school. Yep, I was the girl in 2nd grade in the front with pigtails, glasses, and my Filofax. My preferred set up has always been the monthly/weekly calendars where I can see my overall month but I could also see my week. Now that I am #adulting, I look at my days more than I look at my week. Looking at my week can be entirely overwhelming for me and my days are so jammed pack that I have to look at them individually. So that brings us to The Day Designer, the name just still makes me tingle with joy. The idea that I can design my day in a way that will be functional to me is life changing. Each weekday is on its on page, broken up into several sections. You have your Today's Top Three which I personally love because no matter how long my To Do list is for that day as long as I have gotten those top three out of the way, I feel great. The major plus of this planner for me is the Today and the To-Do Sections. On one side you have your day divided by the hour and on the other side you have a To DO list along with check boxes...because who doesn't love check boxes.
     When I would think of my day this is exactly how I would envision it and now I am able to see it in hard copy. Once I have filled out my day with work, meetings, bible studies, etc I am able to physically see the hours I have left over and dedicate those hours to my To Do's. So for example, Mondays are my busiest days, once I have filled that out, I notice that I don't have as much time as I think I have. So, I make sure my TO DO List is "must do's" only, instead of creating this long list of things that need to get done and then feeling super unproductive at the end of the day because I didn't have enough time. There are also Due, Dinner, Don't Forget, and Dollar sections that can be used. The Notes section at the bottom of the page I use for inspirational quotes and to keep track of my water intake. Then at the end of the day I like to feel out the Daily Gratitude section, to further remind me to be grateful and show love even in the busy days.
          The Day Designer offers a large monthly view which I love but I noticed I was still missing a weekly view, just to have to jot down events and To Do's that don't need a specific day. I picked up the Rifle Paper Co Weekly Desk Pad and it has been a beautiful addition to my planning sessions. Long-winded post over! Let me know if you have any questions about planning or my planner, there are a ton of reviews and youtube videos giving more details on the Day Designer.

Are you a planner? If so, what do you use to plan, let me know in the comments below!


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