A Sephora Concealer....The One That Should Be Hyped Up


  You know how every once in a while, you find a random gem and you are completely confused as to how that particular gem isn't talked about more...well that's how I feel about this concealer. There are so many amazing things to talk about, I'm not sure where to start....oh...the name. So this is the Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer and I have the shade Creme Caramel. Sleek packaging aside  the actual product is well worth this rave review.

Sephora claims this is a "Lightweight, gel serum concealer-featuring brightening properties and a unique applicator-that's perfect for the sensitive under-eye area."

  The concealer is held in a thick plastic tube (possibly glass?) with a wand applicator. The applicator is shorter than most, for example the NARS Creamy Concealer , and it's a perfect cylinder all the way around, instead of the flat on one side shape we are used to seeing. I find that this cylinder shape gives an even distribution of the concealer on all sides of the applicator as opposed to a clump of concealer at the tip of the applicator that would then be used to distribute the product. The most noticeable difference in the applicator is the way it feels. It....is...a pillow. I mean a PIl-LOW...it's so beautifully soft.
  The consistency is light weight, much lighter than NARS Creamy Concealer. Although it is lighter feeling, it still packs a punch in the pigment department, not quite as much as the NARS, but very close. I wouldn't say this concealer is emollient but I also wouldn't say its drying...it falls somewhere in the middle. Sephora didn't put out any longevity claims, which I prefer,  but it lasts about the average 8 hours on me before I start to see slight fading.  I like to use this as an under-eye concealer blended out with a beauty blender and it looks beautiful. It seems to sit on top of the skin slightly, which allows it to not  seep into lines and crevices.  I mean seriously this stuff is wonderful, and the shade range! There are 20 concealer colors to choose from and Sephora just released color correctors...which are currently sitting in my basket waiting for me to push checkout. Oh and it's $14...yea...thank me later.

~ Tanesha 

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