At Home Facial Massage


     I recently started getting into facial massage and let me say it is one of the most relaxing and beneficial things you can do for your skin. I usually do it about twice a week...on the days that I set aside for at home facials, as one of my first steps. On freshly cleansed skin I go in with a cleansing oil or balm ( I prefer my Tatcha Cammelia Cleansing Oil or Sunday Riley Blue Moon)  and massage my face and neck for about 10 mins. My face is left feeling amazing and looking especially smooth and glow-y. My skin tends to look lack-luster and dull now that winter is in full force, plus I want to start being pro-active about aging...wrinkles will come...but if I can slow them down a bit then clearly I would choose that option. Giving yourself a facial massage every so often can help improve the circulation and blood flow, it's like exercise for your face, this in turn helps to combat fine lines and tones the skin. The pressure and techniques you use to massage can also help with decongestion and the releasing of toxins.
     At first, it was hard for me to get into practicing facial massage simply because I didn't no where to start. There are a ton of videos on Youtube that can show you the process... don't feel intimidated or feel like you don't have enough time. Take time for yourself and once you get the hang of it, it really becomes an enjoyable experience that now I look forward to.
    Here are my favorite facial massage videos...I use a combination of the two techniques. In the first video Annie Jaffrey does a phenomenal job of breaking down the technique and giving you information and why that particular movement is helpful or beneficial for your skin. Oxfordjasmine is another video that sometimes I will put on just as a reminder of what to do. Writing this post just made we want to go slather my face in oil and get to massaging...actually...adding it to tonight's to do.


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