Mascara Rotation


   I like the idea of maybe once every few months, checking in and seeing what mascara's are currently in my stash. It gives me a "log" or a "time stamp" of what my favorites were. I go through so many mascara's in a year, mainly because I am always looking for the next best thing...which I may have found a combo that comes pretty darn close to perfection. Before you continue to read, just know...I love obnoxious lashes. I like them black, huge, and slightly've been warned.

~ Sephora Collection Outrageous Curl - Dramatic Volume and Curve Mascara ~ I was recommended this by my bestie, my bestie's sister, and finally Karima . Once Karima was on board, I knew I had to try it...and its right up my lane. Black, uber dramatic, and a decent price point. Which is why I was disappointed that currently this product is a fail for me...and I say currently because there are many a mascara that has come back from the mascara grave once they get a little older...actually most mascaras are like that for me. Here's the current problem, I find that it's way too wet. It's so wet in fact that my lashes clump together and become one big lash...ok maybe three...but you see my point. This mascara also "melts" on me, it migrates from lashes to my lid or the outer corner of my eyes and that may be just because of how wet the formula is...but honestly this is just a mess on me. The mascara definitely has potential, the short bristles can really grab the inner and outer corner lashes and I love that the packaging locks as you twist it close. Will report back once it has dried out a bit.

~ Benefit Roller Lash Curling and Lifting Mascara ~ I literally just purchased the full size last week after completely falling in love with this sample. The best way to describe this mascara is...a push up bra for your lashes. I have slightly curly lashes so when I use a lash just makes my lashes look...too curled. This mascara gives a nice natural lift to your lashes while also helping to define them and even gives a good dose of volume. I mainly use this has a "primer" for the Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara...and the two together make for amazing lashes.

~ Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ~ Just repurchased another tube and I believe it is my third...I love this stuff. It's on the drier side so the formula really clings to my lashes and the bristles work to fan and lengthen while also giving some serious volume. I never have to worry about smudging and the mascara only starts to flake on me when it has gotten old. The formula is a smoldering black that looks amazing and I love this for my non-existent bottom lashes as well. This paired with the Benefit Roller Lash and I may convince you my lashes are long and thick.


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