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  So today's post is kinda of an odd one from my usual beauty banter, but it's one of those topics that needs to be addressed. Last year is when I began noticing acne on my upper back and shoulders. At first I thought it is was the cleanser I was using and so began this journey of treating and hopefully curing my body acne. In the middle of this issue, I was sent the Back and Body Acne line by Murad.  I began using it about month after and wondered why I had waited so long.

~ Murad Acne Body Wash * ~ a refreshing exfoliating cleanser that has both glycolic and salicylic acid to help deep clean and treat the areas with acne. I love this product and use it everyday in the shower. I simply just rub it all over my back and uper shoulders with my hands and let it sit for about a minute or two and then rinse it off. I have noticed that in combination with the other product I'm about to mention my back has completely cleared and my shoulders have a couple of pimples still healing. I have noticed that the cleansers "exfoliators" or beads tend to not dissolve under the water,  so I have to make sure I rinse my back clear, may be annoying for some, but the results allow me to look over that minor issue.

~ Murad Clarifying Body Spray *~ A salicylic treatment housed in a 360 degree spray bottle so that you are able to get any area of your back you so desire. I like to use this right after I hop out of the shower, before my moisturizer. I simply spray the areas of concern and massage the excess in. I apply moisturizer to the rest of my body while I let that dry and then apply moisturizer to my back. The smell is a little "antiseptic", but it does fade.

Overall, I am really loving this combination and excited to report back with final results. Let me know if you have any recommendations for dealing with acne on the back.

~ Tanesha 

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