Urban Decay 1993


     I'm late to the 90's mauve/brown lip trend, but what better way to get on board than with a lip color named 1993. My Ulta has been sold out of this lip color and liner for months...months....so I resulted to purchasing online without testing because...beauty issues. The Urban Decay Matte Revolution Lipsticks retail for $22 and the 24/7 Glide on Lipliners retail for $20. The lipstick is housed in pearlescent black packaging. The formula is very creamy for a lipstick marketed as a matte...actually I want to call this a satin...there is clearly a sheen to this lipstick, even once applied to the lips. I prefer this formula because it gives a bit of dimension and life to my lips...but if you love a flat matte formula, this is not it. There are of course benefits to having a creamy lipstick...it's much more comfortable to wear and it tends to look better on dry or slightly imperfect lips (fine lines, etc). This  particular lipstick checks both of those boxes but it also slips and slides...never quite gripping to the lip, even with the lip liner, and with that issue comes the fact that its just not as long-lasting as most matte lipsticks. I love that Urban Decay didn't make longevity one of its claims, but, buyers tend to think matte = long-lasting, and when I say buyers I mean me. The pigmentation on the other hand is CRAZY, I want to go out on a limb here and say this is one of the most pigmented lipsticks I own...especially on the first swipe. This stuff is seriously opaque...like... applies to bottom lip and gently pats lips together opaque.
      The 24/7 Glide On lip liner in 1993 is slightly lighter and cooler than the lipstick. For my complexion, I think a slightly darker lipliner would have worked better, simply to define the lips more. The formula is so smooth, I love it. I find that some lipliner's are often dry, hard to work with, and uncomfortable to wear....I did not have this issue with this one and my lips are grateful. The 24/7 claim doesn't even make since to me, my lipliner lasted about as long as the lipstick did which was about 6 hours with drinking and slight eating. If your eating a burger...your lipstick, lipliner, and if your anything like me....the foundation around your mouth....will be gone.
       Overall the product is good and depending on what you are looking for, definitely worth checking out the rest of the line. As far as the brown 90's lip trend goes? I think I'll stay in my lane with the natural pinks and plums.


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