February Goals


    Knee deep in snow...Knee deep. That's what the DMV was dealing with last weekend and although the snow caused a lot of issues for many, I looked at the positive. For a few days I was able to "pause" as a matter of fact everyone in this area was. It allowed me time to reflect, regroup, and get organized. I was able to catch up on so much work but more importantly relax and take time for me. "Self Love", "Me Time" or whatever you want to call it , is so important, I am constantly being reminded of how essential it is for me to love myself and then in turn properly love those around me. Going in to February....the month of love...I really want to show more of that four letter word to my neighbors, strangers, family and friends...but also to myself.
     In January, I really wanted to solidify my morning and evening routine. So let me be honest, January started off rough, not sure what was going but mentally I could not get my life together! The last week on the other hand...thanks to #blizzard2016...I have been successfully doing what I need to do in the AM and PM to have better, calmer, more productive days. I obviously want to keep it up in February but also allow myself grace when I don't hit the mark every time.
    Picked up the Five Minute Journal...guys....I love it. I have been consistent with it and it was just what I needed in this season of my life that I am in. Finally started reading Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes, also have been enjoying. Will try and do a reading list post on it. Ok so I a few more things I want to focus on this month is cooking at home...bottom line...I eat out too much. One thing I learned being snowed in...I love roasted brussels sprouts, so I have been creating all kinds of dishes and it has been the best discovery. Also would love to spend some time with my friends this month, I'm thinking a wine and cheese night with a bit of dancing afterwards. Overall I want this be a great month of progress, consistency, and love!
   My beauty wish list pick this month is anything Kypris. I'm sure by the time this post goes up I would have pressed checkout on my cart....the Antioxidant Dew is calling my name.



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