Laura Geller Baked Blush-N Brighten


  Lately I have been drenching myself in highlight. The winter weather and my dry skin have been begging for an extra dose of glow and I have been faithfully going through my highlighter stash using old favorites and finding rediscoveries. This product is a rediscovery/ why haven't I been using this? My nonstop usage is well deserved...I mean look. at. it. A beautiful gold/rosy but not quite rose gold color that compliments almost any look. The sheen is something serious and the wear time is pretty good as well.
   Laura Geller Baked Blush-n- Brighten in Sunswept retails for $28.00 and the highlighter is a great size. The color is beautiful but I am also really REALLY impressed with the texture. Not a glitter particle insight. The powder melts into your skin looking seamless. Don't be intimidated by your initial finger swatch, this is a product that you really have to see in action on the face. Swatching with your finger the baked formula comes off powder-y but used with a brush and placed on the almost comes off as a cream. There are about eight shades available in this line and i already have my eye on Fruit Punch and Pink Buttercream. If you're at your local Ulta you might want to take a look at the Laura Geller section...she has some beautiful products.


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