Moving Pass the Comfort of Complacency


     Ok, so as I am typing this I am also thinking "Let's go with something else...maybe a bit more fun", but my commitment to this blog in 2016 means I stay true to what's really going on. So here we go...let's talk about complacency. I love cozy nights...big sweaters...comfy shoes...and you know what else I love...the warmth and comfort of complacency. I like to think of complacency as knowing and having the opportunity to do better and flat out ignoring it. Allowing yourself to stay in a place simply because of fear. Fear. As I have started to focus on the reasons and the excuses I make up for being complacent it always comes back to me being afraid. I'm afraid. I'm terrified... of a lot of things...but I realized I have to move through that fog of fear...every time. Moving through fear will allow me to move pass the comfort of complacency.That place where I will always feel safe will hopefully, one day, no longer feel comfortable. Here are a few things that I keep in the back of my mind to constantly push me forward.

~ There's Always More To Be Done ~ There is always room to grow, amazing people to meet, and experiences to enjoy. It's simple but sometimes I forget that. There's life outside of my comfort zone. Setting goals and intentions for myself really can push and help me to continue to strive toward an end goal and accomplishment.

~ Staying Inspired ~ The right inspiration can give me a jolt of energy and excitement when I'm feeling stuck, but I have to remind myself to allow inspiration to be a push not a crutch. We are constantly seeking outside sources for inspiration when most of the time it lies within ourselves.

~ Be a Doer...Not A Dreamer ~ I love this. I am a big dreamer and although I would never tell anyone to stop dreaming, I think there is some truth to this. As a dreamer I tend to live inside my own dreams never quite living OUT my dreams. With dreaming big comes doing even more.You have to constantly keep moving until you get there. This excerpt is from the  "Year of Yes" by Shonda Rhimes and I love it.

" You just have to keep moving forward. You just have to keep doing something, seizing the next opportunity, staying open to trying something new. It doesn't have to fit your vision of the perfect job or the perfect life. Perfect is boring, and dreams are not real. Just....Do " 

"It doesn't have to fit your vision of the perfect job or the perfect life", I love this because it applies to me in every single way. As I am writing this post I am overanalyzing and wishing I could do it better this way or that way. Sitting in the place of wanting things perfect will leave you in a place of not getting anything done. So... I am going to walk through the fog of fear and move pass the comfort of complacency and hit publish, because I want to be a doer...not just a dreamer.


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