NARS Lip Pencils


       Look Mom, I did swatches...on my lips! I am really trying to get better at not only telling you guys about the products I love, but showing you the colors and formulas on my lips and against my skin color. Out of all the lip pencil options in the beauty world, NARS is the top contender. The selection of shades and formula's are by far some of the best (I am literally grinning as I type this ...thats how much of a NARS lip pencil addict I am...issues ). Let's talk formula.
    The Velvet Mattes are very matte without compromising the lip color or being extremely dry on the lips. The formula just glides over the lips without showing imperfections or settling into fine lines. The lasting power is phenomenal...ok, story time...I ate a burger, and I eat burgers like a mad man...I'm talking nothing lasts through a burger. Not even foundation. The Velvet Matte lip pencil in Cruella...the red one...that lasted. I'm not lying. Yep, I was confused too.  The pencil is enriched with vitamin E which helps to nourish the lips during wear and the "pencil" like design gives a clean and easy application. I also have this formula in Dolce Vita, of course, because Dolce Vita is my favorite NARS shade and this pencil did not disappoint.
    On the opposite end of the formula spectrum are the Velvet Gloss Lip Pencils. I only have one of these and I am making it a point to try and pick up a few more. The formula is beautiful, glossy but still packed with pigment. I have the color New Lover, which is a beautiful pink , shot through with a subtle gold sheen. The lasting power is still there, not as long as the matte, but better than a typical gloss coming in at around 3-4 hours.
     My favorite formula for this lineup is definitely the Satin Lip Pencils. They are the perfect middle ground. You have the lasting power of the Mattes with a hint of sheen similar to the Velvet Gloss. I have the color's Palais Royal, a deep sangria color that doesn't cross too far over into the dark side and Rikugien, a beautiful nude/mauve/rose pink that compliments any look. Bottom need least one.


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